OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember Class Reference

#include <osciwidget_v3_private.h>

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NSCore::DataSetChainMember NSCore::DataSetProducer NSCore::QTreeItem QObject NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel
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void data (NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet &)

Protected Member Functions

 OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember (QObject *)
QString debug () const
 Custom debug text.
QDomNode saveToXML (QDomDocument)
 Store the information of this element into a new QDomElement.
bool restoreFromXML (QDomNode)
 Restore the state of this element from the given QDomNode.
bool dataArrived (NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet &)
 Data arrived!

Private Attributes

QTime _slowdown


class OsciWidgetV3
 Only OsciWidgetV3 can do anything with this.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember::OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember ( QObject  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

QString OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember::debug (  )  const [inline, protected, virtual]

Custom debug text.

This function has to be implemented and has to return the internal debug-data that is to be printed...

Implements NSCore::QTreeItem.

QDomNode OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember::saveToXML ( QDomDocument  doc  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Store the information of this element into a new QDomElement.

This function is only to save the state of this element, all the recursive stuff will be done by toXml().

doc The QDomDocument to use for creation of the element

Implements NSCore::QTreeItem.

bool OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember::restoreFromXML ( QDomNode  node  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Restore the state of this element from the given QDomNode.

You don't have to do the recursive stuff here, that is handled in fromXml() for you. Only the things done in saveToXML need/can be restored here.

If you succeeded and want the childs to be restored too, return true.

node The QDomNode to restore from

Implements NSCore::QTreeItem.

bool OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember::dataArrived ( NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet  )  [protected, virtual]

Data arrived!

Subclass this function to handle the data. Return true when the data should be sent to the next in the chain. Otherwise it gets deleted.

Implements NSCore::DataSetChainMember.

void OsciWidgetV3_ChainMember::data ( NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet  )  [signal]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OsciWidgetV3 [friend]

Only OsciWidgetV3 can do anything with this.

Member Data Documentation

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