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widget for displaying NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet More...

#include <osciwidget_v3.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OsciWidgetV3 (QWidget *)
 Construct a new OsciWidget.
 ~OsciWidgetV3 ()
 standard destructor
NSCore::DataSetChainMemberchainMember ()
 Access the real ChainMember.

Private Slots

void setChannels (int)
 Change the number of displayed channels.
void dataAvailable (NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet &)
 New data has arrived, process it.

Private Attributes

QVBoxLayout * _layout
QList< OsciWidgetV3_Osci * > _oscis

Detailed Description

widget for displaying NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet

This provides a view like an oscilloscope to watch the datasets. There is a number of ( currently hardcoded ) results that are shown too. It allows for any number of data-widgets to be shown, where for each data-widget the channel and generation can be selected freely.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OsciWidgetV3::OsciWidgetV3 ( QWidget  ) 

Construct a new OsciWidget.

The widget shows as man channels as selected.

To plug it into the evaluation-chain, get the DataSetChainMember from chainMember().

OsciWidgetV3::~OsciWidgetV3 (  ) 

standard destructor

Member Function Documentation

NSCore::DataSetChainMember* OsciWidgetV3::chainMember (  ) 

Access the real ChainMember.

This returns a pointer to the real chain-member to plug it into the chain. This might even run in its own thread in the future.

void OsciWidgetV3::setChannels ( int   )  [private, slot]

Change the number of displayed channels.

void OsciWidgetV3::dataAvailable ( NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet  )  [private, slot]

New data has arrived, process it.

Member Data Documentation

QVBoxLayout* OsciWidgetV3::_layout [private]

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