NSEvaluation::PluginFactory Class Reference

THE factory to create plugins. More...

#include <plugins_factory.h>

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Public Member Functions

void registerClient (PluginFactory_Client *)
 Called by clients to register them.
PluginnewPlugin (QString s, NSCore::QTreeItem *)
 Creates plugins.
QStringList plugins () const
 Returns a list of availabe plugins.
QString type (QString) const
 Returns the type of a named plugin.
QString help (QString) const
QStringList categories (QString) const

Static Public Member Functions

static PluginFactorythe ()
 The pointer to the factory.

Private Member Functions

 PluginFactory ()
 PluginFactory (PluginFactory *)
 PluginFactory (const PluginFactory &)
 ~PluginFactory ()

Private Attributes

QList< PluginFactory_Client * > _factories

Detailed Description

THE factory to create plugins.

This factory gives you every plugin you want! As long as there is a registered PluginFactory_Client which can create the plugin you want. Otherwise newPlugin() just returns a null-pointer.

This class is a singleton, you have to use the() to get a pointer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::PluginFactory (  )  [private]

NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::PluginFactory ( PluginFactory  )  [inline, private]

NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::PluginFactory ( const PluginFactory  )  [inline, private]

NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::~PluginFactory (  )  [inline, private]

Member Function Documentation

static PluginFactory* NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::the (  )  [static]

The pointer to the factory.

void NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::registerClient ( PluginFactory_Client  ) 

Called by clients to register them.

Plugin* NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::newPlugin ( QString  s,

Creates plugins.

Use this function to get new plugins of the named type.

s the name of the plugin you want created

QStringList NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::plugins (  )  const

Returns a list of availabe plugins.

QString NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::type ( QString   )  const

Returns the type of a named plugin.

QString NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::help ( QString   )  const

QStringList NSEvaluation::PluginFactory::categories ( QString   )  const

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