NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel Class Reference

Protect your pointers. More...

#include <pointer_template.h>

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NSCore::QTreeItem NSAcqiris::Acqiris NSCore::ActionTreeItem NSCore::DataSetProducer NSCore::MathExpression NSCore::NamedParameterTreeItem NSCore::QTreeItemPointer NSEvaluation::PluginItem DopplerProducer NSAcqiris::Digitizer NSCore::DataSetChainMember NSCore::GaussProducer NSDiskIO::AbstractReader NSCore::MathTreeRoot NSCore::QTreeItemNode NSEvaluation::AnalyzerItem NSEvaluation::FilterItem NSEvaluation::ModifierItem
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Public Member Functions

virtual ~PointerProtection_Skel ()
void registerPointer (PointerProtection_Base *n)
 register a pointer
void unregisterPointer (PointerProtection_Base *n)
 unregister a pointer
void clearPointers ()
 Removes all pointers from the list.

Protected Attributes

< PointerProtection_Base * > 

Detailed Description

Protect your pointers.

Subclass this class if you want your Pointer_template<Bla> to be protected against deletion.

That means Bla has to be a subclass of PointerProtection_Skel and every Pointer_template<Bla> becomes zero if Bla is deleted. So you don't get dangling pointers...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel::~PointerProtection_Skel (  )  [inline, virtual]


Tells all the registered pointers that this object is deleted.

References clearPointers().

Member Function Documentation

void NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel::registerPointer ( PointerProtection_Base n  )  [inline]

register a pointer

This one is called by Pointer_template to register itself as a pointer and get notified if this object is deleted.

References _pointers.

Referenced by NSCore::Pointer_template< NSCore::QTreeItem >::operator=(), and NSCore::Pointer_template< NSCore::QTreeItem >::Pointer_template().

void NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel::unregisterPointer ( PointerProtection_Base n  )  [inline]

unregister a pointer

Called by Pointer_template to unregister itself from the registered pointers.

References _pointers.

Referenced by NSCore::Pointer_template< NSCore::QTreeItem >::~Pointer_template().

void NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel::clearPointers (  )  [inline]

Removes all pointers from the list.

References _pointers.

Referenced by NSCore::QTreeItem::treeDeleteLater(), and ~PointerProtection_Skel().

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