Continuation of MePS setup at EPOS
The next table is assembled and wired

2010_05_27_01 Marco and Maik are fixing the windings of the new Helmholtz coils by epoxy glew 2010_05_27_04 A new table at the final beam line is started by Joerg 2010_05_27_05 Epoxy drying for the next coils 2010_05_27_02 2010_05_27_03 Cave 111d 2010_05_27_06 Steering coils at Al frame 2010_05_27_07 Mounting of the new coils 2010_05_27_08 Mounting for this time is almost completed 2010_05_27_09 Top view 2010_05_27_10 2010_05_27_11 2010_05_27_12 2010_05_27_13 Preparation for the next beam time in the begin of June 2010_05_27_14 Chopper part with electric feedthrough for chopper signal 2010_05_27_16 2010_05_27_15 Work almost done for today ... 2010_05_27_17 Not much more missing to final 2010_05_27_18 19