Adjustment of big magnet supplying the guidance field around the moderator

2010-04-22_01 4 Hall sensors were mounted at the beam extraction tube to sense the field of the big coil - the four signals were compared and the magnet was adjusted to have the same field at the four sensors 2010-04-22_02 converter chamber with extraction tube 2010-04-22_03 USB automation card used to visualize the Hall voltage 2010-04-22_04 converter chamber and beam dump behind Pb screening seen from the wall to the lab ... 2010-04-22_05 ... and seen from the top 2010-04-22_06 Maik and Marco looking to the PC screen showing the Hall voltages 2010-04-22_07 The Hall voltages of the four sensors arranged as a cross for easy visuability 2010-04-22_08 Area around the ELBE hall will change in the near future 2010-04-22_09 2010-04-22_10 2010-04-22_11 2010-04-22_12 2010-04-22_13 2010-04-22_14