NSAcqiris Namespace Reference

Namespace for the Acqiris-related things. More...


class  Acqiris
 Init all the crades. More...
class  Digitizer
 One digitizer Represents a digitizer in all its beauty. More...
struct  DigitizerChannelData
class  DigitizerData
class  DigitizerDataPool
class  DigitizerThread
class  ConverterThread


void errorMessage (const quint32 _inst, const qint32 status, const QString &comment="")

Detailed Description

Namespace for the Acqiris-related things.

This namespace contains the acqiris-related classes, interfaces and functions.

Function Documentation

void NSAcqiris::errorMessage ( const quint32  _inst,
const qint32  status,
const QString &  comment = "" 

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