NSDiskIO::EPOSBinWriter Class Reference

#include <diskiobuffers_bin.h>

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NSDiskIO::AbstractWriter NSDiskIO::AbstractDiskIO< QDataStream > NSCore::DataSetChainMember NSCore::DataSetProducer NSCore::QTreeItem QObject NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel
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Public Slots

void setFile (QString filename)
 open a file

Public Member Functions

 EPOSBinWriter (QObject *=0)
 ~EPOSBinWriter ()
void writeDataSet (NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet &data)
 Write a single dataset to disk.
QString ending () const
 The ending of your files.

Private Slots

void stripChanged (bool)

Private Attributes

bool _strip

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NSDiskIO::EPOSBinWriter::EPOSBinWriter ( QObject = 0  ) 

NSDiskIO::EPOSBinWriter::~EPOSBinWriter (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void NSDiskIO::EPOSBinWriter::writeDataSet ( NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet data  )  [virtual]

Write a single dataset to disk.

You have to implement this function to write a dataset to disk. There is no need for other things to do, the rest will be done by customEvent of the AbstractDiskWriter

data the dataset you should write

Implements NSDiskIO::AbstractWriter.

QString NSDiskIO::EPOSBinWriter::ending (  )  const [inline, virtual]

The ending of your files.

You have to return the ending of your files without the dot.


Implements NSDiskIO::AbstractWriter.

void NSDiskIO::EPOSBinWriter::setFile ( QString   )  [virtual, slot]

open a file

Implements NSDiskIO::AbstractWriter.

void NSDiskIO::EPOSBinWriter::stripChanged ( bool   )  [private, slot]

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