NSCore::QTreeItemNode Class Reference

#include <qtreeitemmodel.h>

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NSCore::QTreeItemPointer NSCore::QTreeItem NSCore::Pointer_template< T > QObject NSCore::PointerProtection_Skel NSCore::PointerProtection_Base
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void itemDeleted (QTreeItemNode *)
 A child was deleted.
void newChild (QTreeItemNode *child, QTreeItemNode *parent)
 A new child was added.
void newChildAboutToBeAdded (QTreeItemNode *parent)

Public Member Functions

 QTreeItemNode (QTreeItem *, QTreeItemNode *)
 ~QTreeItemNode ()
void itemDeleted ()
 The item pointed to is deleted.
void newChildAdded (QTreeItem *)
 A new child was added.
QTreeItemNodeparentNode () const
QTreeItemNodechild (int n) const
 Gives access to the childs by their number.

Private Member Functions

QString debug () const
 Custom debug text.
void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *)

Private Attributes

QList< QTreeItem * > _bufferedNewItems
bool _deferredDeletion

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NSCore::QTreeItemNode::QTreeItemNode ( QTreeItem ,

NSCore::QTreeItemNode::~QTreeItemNode (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void NSCore::QTreeItemNode::itemDeleted (  )  [virtual]

The item pointed to is deleted.

Implement this functions if you want to be notified of the deletion of the item pointed to. Better not use the item anymore, with threads it can be that the item is already deleted.

Reimplemented from NSCore::QTreeItemPointer.

void NSCore::QTreeItemNode::newChildAdded ( QTreeItem  )  [virtual]

A new child was added.

This signals that a new child was added to the item pointed to. Can be used to create the new pointer to the new child.

Reimplemented from NSCore::QTreeItemPointer.

QTreeItemNode* NSCore::QTreeItemNode::parentNode (  )  const

QTreeItemNode* NSCore::QTreeItemNode::child ( int  n  )  const

Gives access to the childs by their number.

n the child you want to access

Reimplemented from NSCore::QTreeItem.

void NSCore::QTreeItemNode::itemDeleted ( QTreeItemNode  )  [signal]

A child was deleted.

The QTreeItemNode* is either this item itself ( if its the one that was deleted ) or one of its childs.

void NSCore::QTreeItemNode::newChild ( QTreeItemNode child,
QTreeItemNode parent 
) [signal]

A new child was added.

child The new item that was added
parent The parent item the new child was added to

void NSCore::QTreeItemNode::newChildAboutToBeAdded ( QTreeItemNode parent  )  [signal]

QString NSCore::QTreeItemNode::debug (  )  const [private, virtual]

Custom debug text.

This function has to be implemented and has to return the internal debug-data that is to be printed...

Implements NSCore::QTreeItem.

void NSCore::QTreeItemNode::timerEvent ( QTimerEvent *   )  [private]

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