IntegrationAnalyzerDiff Class Reference

#include <dopplerplugins.h>

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NSEvaluation::Analyzer NSEvaluation::Plugin
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Public Member Functions

 IntegrationAnalyzerDiff (NSCore::QTreeItem *)
void analyze (NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet &data)
 The evaluation function.
QString type () const
 Return the type of this plugin.

Private Member Functions

double diff (int frac_at, double difference, int x_max, int x_min, double y_max, double y_min, double *ch, int n_0) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IntegrationAnalyzerDiff::IntegrationAnalyzerDiff ( NSCore::QTreeItem  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void IntegrationAnalyzerDiff::analyze ( NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet data  )  [virtual]

The evaluation function.

This function needs to be implemented and is called to do the real evaluation. The results should be added to the data, either per dataset or per channel, depending on the analysation.

data The dataset to analyze

Implements NSEvaluation::Analyzer.

QString IntegrationAnalyzerDiff::type (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Return the type of this plugin.

Implements NSEvaluation::Plugin.

double IntegrationAnalyzerDiff::diff ( int  frac_at,
double  difference,
int  x_max,
int  x_min,
double  y_max,
double  y_min,
double *  ch,
int  n_0 
) const [private]

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