IntegrationAnalyzerCF Member List

This is the complete list of members for IntegrationAnalyzerCF, including all inherited members.

_configNSEvaluation::Plugin [protected]
analyze(NSCore::AcqisitionDataSet &data)IntegrationAnalyzerCF [virtual]
Analyzer(NSCore::QTreeItem *p)NSEvaluation::Analyzer [inline]
check_cf(double lfp, double hfp, int x_max, int x_min, double *, int n_0) const IntegrationAnalyzerCF [private]
check_cfV2(double lfp, double hfp, int x_min, int x_max, double mean, double deviation, double *ch, int n_0) const IntegrationAnalyzerCF [private]
help() const NSEvaluation::Plugin [inline, virtual]
IntegrationAnalyzerCF(NSCore::QTreeItem *)IntegrationAnalyzerCF
Plugin(NSCore::QTreeItem *p)NSEvaluation::Plugin
type() const IntegrationAnalyzerCF [inline, virtual]
~Plugin()NSEvaluation::Plugin [inline, virtual]

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