International Workshop

"Second EPOS User Meeting: EPOS-04"

Univ. Halle

FB Physik

FZ Rossendorf


FV Mikrosonden

The second user meeting EPOS-04 was held at Dept. of Physics, Halle University, in March (1./2.) 2004. The participants discussed the EPOS construction details.

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The contributions of the speakers can be downloaded as pdf files from this table:

R. Krause-Rehberg The new concept of the EPOS System download
G. Brauer The EPOS electron-positron converter and the installation in Cave 111b download
G. Kögel The mode of operation of an transversal chopper in a bunched positron beam download
V. Bondarenko PosBunch - a Monte-Carlo-simulation code for designing a bunched positron beam download
S. Sachert Results of PosBunch simulations for the EPOS system download
H. Schut Analysis of W moderator foils after intensive use at Delft Reactor Center download
R. Grynszpan Positron re-emission from electrodeposited Ni-W alloys download
F. Becvar The new MCP-PMTs - A revolution in lifetime spectroscopy? download
R. Krause-Rehberg The EPOS detector concept download
G. Kögel Design details of the PLEPS system:  1)How to avoid side peaks in the lifetime spectrum in a bunched positron beam 2) RF generation and coupling to the system download

MP3 audio files of the given talks are available on request.

EPOS Scientific Consulting Board


As a result of the EPOS-04 meeting we founded the EPOS Scientific Consulting Board. We ask the following colleagues to be the members:

P. Asoka-Kumar
P. Coleman
Zs. Kajcsos
G. Kögel
K. Saarinen
H. Schut


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