First EPOS User Meeting: EPOS-02 (16./17. September 2002)

The first annual EPOS meeting was held in the Research Center Rossendorf in September 16th/17th, 2002. Potential users who are interested in an own small contribution in planning and construction of the EPOS system were invited. In two days we discussed the technical concept and the realization of EPOS.

This is the list of participants.

Here are the PDF files of the oral talks given at EPOS-02 for download.



File size

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R. Krause-Rehberg

The Concept of EPOS (ELBE Positron Source)

PDF file (930 kB)

N. Hedwig, R. Krause-Rehberg

Positron Generation at EPOS

PDF file (340 kB)

C. Hugenschmidt

Positron Generation and Extraction at FRM-II

PDF file (2 MB)

J. Cizek, I. Prochazka, F. Becvar

Concept of the gamma Detection System at EPOS

 PDF file (572 kB)

Ch. Dauwe

Linac-based Positron Beam in Gent

PDF file (2 MB)

J. Dryzek

Pulsed positron beam in Goteborg


P. Michel

  The Radiation Source ELBE

PDF file (850 kB)

G. Kögel

Optics of the Munich Scanning Positron Microscope and necessary changes for EPOS


 PDF file (2,9 MB)

R. Krause-Rehberg

Aspects of Radiation Protection at EPOS

PDF file (560 kB)

H. Stoll

Age-Momentum Correlation (AMOC)

PDF file (460 kB)

J. Dryzek

The Positron Beam in Göteborg

PDF file (2,4 MB)

Zs. Kajcsos

Possibilities for European Commission cooperation support in positron research including EPOS within the Framework 6


PDF file (84 kB)

  The conference photos are here (click to enlarge):


Halle, 13-Dez-08